Troubleshooting - Music Server/Firewall

Can't connect to server, and Firewall software is running

Make sure your Firewall software is configured to allow iTunes music sharing.

Mac: Open System Preferences. Select the Sharing icon and click on the Firewall tab. Select the option "iTunes Music Sharing."

PC: Refer to your documentation for changing firewall settings. Add a new port to enabled ports - specify port 3689 to open. If running Windows XP Service Pack 2 (soon to be released), open " Security Center ," select "Windows Firewall," click on the "Exceptions" tab, and check to see that iTunes is enabled. If not, use "Add Programs" to enable it.

After these changes have been made, restart SoundBridge by disconnecting and reconnecting the AC power.

Can't access Windows Media Connect library

Check the following steps:

  • Make sure that your computer containing your music library is powered on and Windows Media Connect is running (icon should be visible in the task tray).
  • With SoundBridge powered on and connected to your network, make sure that SoundBridge is an authorized device. Launch Windows Media Connect through your Control Panel. On the wizard screen, scroll down the list of devices. If SoundBridge is not listed, click the "Add" button at the bottom of the list. Click on SoundBridge, then click "OK". It should show up on the list of authorized devices. Click "Done".
  • Reboot SoundBridge by disconnecting the AC power from the wall outlet.

My SoundBridge can successfully check for software updates, and the Favorite Internet Radio feature is able to play Internet radio stations, but my Windows Media Connect server does not appear in the list of servers. (I see "No music libraries found", or I see another library, but not the one on my PC).

This can be caused by a PC-based firewall. Please see the Firewall answer earlier in this document. If you are using the Windows XP Firewall and it appears to be configured correctly, you may have encountered a known problem with the Windows XP Firewall. Please see [PDF] this document (38KB) for further information.

Can't access iTunes library

Check the following steps:

  • Make sure that your computer containing your iTunes library is powered on and iTunes is running.
  • In iTunes, be sure to turn on the "music sharing" option. Go to the iTunes / Preferences menu or Edit/ Preferences for PC users. In the dialog box that appears, click the "Sharing" icon, then check the option "Share my music" to enable sharing on your local network.
  • Close and restart iTunes on your computer -- if it has been running for a long time (like several days), the SoundBridge may have trouble detecting it.
  • If you see the following message: "Too many users already connected", then close and restart iTunes on your computer. You should then have no trouble connecting to the iTunes server as before.
  • Explanation: If SoundBridge is disconnected from AC power five times without logging out (eg using the standby button on your remote control) first, iTunes will lock you out of connecting to the music server. That's because iTunes allows a maximum of five users to connect at one time, and if you don't put SoundBridge into standby mode before unplugging the AC power cord, iTunes may believe you are still connected. To restore your access to the iTunes server, close iTunes and then restart it.

Problem: I can see my iTunes library in the list of libraries, but when I try to connect, the connection fails.

This can happen if a firewall is not configured properly (see Firewall question above).

The problem can also happen if the SoundBridge was not assigned an IP address via DHCP, but the PC is. In this situation, the SoundBridge is able to see the library via Rendezvous, but is not able to connect to the library. Here's how to check your SoundBridge's address:

  • If you are connected to a music server, choose Change Library or System Configuration.
  • Go to System Configuration.
  • Go to either Show Wi-Fi Status or Show Ethernet Status, as appropriate for your network connection.
  • If your IP address is of the form, the SoundBridge did not get a DHCP-assigned address. Check the configuration of your router to ensure that it is set up to assign DHCP addresses. If you believe your DHCP server is correctly configured, see the last question in this Troubleshooting section, below.

This can happen if your computer is using iTunes 7 and your SoundBridge is using 2.5x or earlier software. On your SoundBridge, go to System Configuration and check for a software update.

Can't get to Musicmatch library

Check the following steps:

  • Make sure that your computer containing your music library is powered on.
  • Make sure music sharing is enabled in Musicmatch. From the main Musicmatch menu, click on Options/Settings. Click on the tab "CD Lookup/Connectivity". Click the buttons next to "Enable music server" as well as "Universal Plug and Play".
  • Musicmatch does not need to be running while using SoundBridge; once enabled, the UPnP server runs in the background.
  • Reboot SoundBridge by disconnecting the AC power from the wall outlet.

Note: The latest version of Musicmatch (V.10) has reported playback problems. Roku is aware of the problem, and is working on a solution.

My SoundBridge has a funny-looking IP address in the form

This is called an AutoIP address. Normally, computers and other network devices get their IP address from a DHCP server, which is usually included in the home router or Internet gateway.

If your SoundBridge does not find a DHCP server on your network, it will then use the AutoIP protocol to assign itself an address. It is possible to run a whole home network without a DHCP server if all computers and devices use AutoIP. However, if some computers are using addresses in the normal home ranges ( or but no DHCP server is available, the SoundBridge will not be able to connect to those devices.

DHCP servers are usually included in consumer routers/firewalls available from many different companies at very reasonable prices.

If you have a DHCP server at home, but are not getting an IP address, see the next question.

My SoundBridge is connected to my network via wired Ethernet, but is unable to play Internet radio and fails to contact the server for upgrades. It may also fail at getting an IP address from the DHCP server, or may sometimes fail to locate, connect to or play music from my music servers.

Please ensure that you have a DHCP server on your network (see previous question).

If you have a DHCP server active on your network and the SoundBridge still fails to acquire an address or cannot connect to your server or has intermittent connectivity to your server, please try connecting your SoundBridge to a different switch, hub, or router. If either of these solutions allows your SoundBridge to connect to the network reliably and is unacceptable as a permanent solution, please contact support using the below information.

If your unit still fails to get a DHCP address, you may need to have it repaired or replaced under warranty. Please contact Roku's technical support department for further instructions. For fastest service, be sure to include your serial number when you contact support.