Troubleshooting - Display/Remote Control Troubleshooting

Unit won't turn on when plugged in to AC power (display does not light up)

SoundBridge has no on/off switch; even if your SoundBridge is not connected to your music library yet, you should see the display welcome message with the Roku logo as soon as you connect it to AC power. Try the following:

  • Make sure the AC power adapter is pushed all the way into the SoundBridge power plug.
  • Make sure your power supply has a good connection to the wall outlet.
  • If your power supply is plugged into a power strip, be sure the strip is turned on.
  • Press the Standby button on your remote to make sure your unit is not in Standby mode.
  • Reboot the unit manually by disconnecting, then reconnecting the power supply from the wall outlet.
  • Try booting your SoundBridge in "Safe Mode" as follows: Unplug your SoundBridge from power. Next, disconnect the Ethernet cable and remove the wireless card. Point the SoundBridge remote control at the SoundBridge and press and hold any key on the remote (TIP: The arrow buttons are large and easy to hold down). Continue holding down the button and pointing the remote at the SoundBridge while you reconnect the SoundBridge to power. After a few seconds, the SoundBridge should boot with "Safe Mode" displayed on the screen. Choose "Reset to factory defaults" and follow the on-screen instructions to reset the SoundBridge.
  • Check to see whether the lights around the Ethernet port under the left end cap are lit. If not, SoundBridge is not receiving power. If the lights inside are lit, but your display still fails to light up in this instance, and you have tried all the other steps above, contact customer service for additional instructions.

Remote control not responding

  • Make sure you have inserted two fresh AAA batteries into the remote, and that they are inserted according to the correct polarity (+ and - sides are where they should be).
  • Remove any objects that may be blocking the SoundBridge's IR receiver window on the right of the unit (below the SoundBridge logo).