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Easily discover and save new Internet radio stations as a preset on SoundBridge or SoundBridge Radio.

Roku Radio Snooper is a fantastic new application for Windows that enables you to quickly and easily discover the URL for your favorite Internet radio stations and determine if it is supported by SoundBridge and then make it one of your 18 SoundBridge presets with the click of a button. Just run the Roku Radio Snooper and then listen to any Internet radio stream using your PC as you would normally.  Snooper will test the stream, determine compatibility in an instant, and then present you with the option to set a compatible station as a preset with one button click. Just click on the link below to try it out now. Requires version 2.5 build 170 or later software running on your SoundBridge. Click on the link below to learn about upgrading to the latest SoundBridge software. Upgrade to the latest SoundBridge software.

Installation Notes

Installing the Roku Radio Snooper is easy. Just download the zip file, run the installer, and follow the instructions.

Please note, however, that if you are using the Windows XP SP2, you may have to follow the steps below to enable the UPnP protocol so that Roku Radio Snooper can find your SoundBridge on your local network:

  1. Open "My Network Places."
  2. Click on "Show icons for networked UPnP devices" in the Common Task panel on the left side of the "My Network Places" window. If the Common Task panel is not visible:

    1. Select Tools>Folder Options in the "My Network Places" window
    2. Under the Tasks section, choose "Show Common Tasks in Folders" and click OK.
  3. Choose OK when asked to open the UPnP firewall ports.

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Happy listening!
The Roku Team