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Listen to 1000's of FREE Internet radio stations from around the world - one-touch access to talk, jazz, rock, pop or your old home town favorite! You do not need a computer to listen to internet radio; you just need broadband and a Wi-Fi home network.
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Roku proudly introduces the newest member of the SoundBridge Family.

The SoundBridge Radio is no longer available for sale through our store. However, we will continue
to provide support via the website.

SoundBridge Radio is a complete Wi-Fi Music System that brings the world of Internet radio to every room of the house in rich, clear, stereo sound. Combining all of SoundBridge's advanced digital music streaming functionality with incredible-sounding stereo speakers, subwoofer, AM/FM radio and alarm clock, SoundBridge Radio takes today's tabletop radio to the next level in audio power and ease of use. Access all your music using simple and familiar radio controls. A few buttons for presets, scan, and source select make digital music easily accessible.

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Other features include a headphone jack, SD/MMC card slot and volume ramping alarm that wakes you up to digital music, Internet radio, AM/FM radio, playlists, podcasts or a choice of several alarm tones.

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