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Listen to 1000's of FREE Internet radio stations from around the world - one-touch access to talk, jazz, rock, pop or your old home town favorite! You do not need a computer to listen to internet radio; you just need broadband and a Wi-Fi home network.
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July 2006
"The M1000 comes highly recommended as a very compact and impressive streaming music device sure to please everyone from techie to newbie."

Wired Magazine - Wireless Audio Streamers
Editor's Pick - Rated 5 of 5 Stars

December 2005
"Its sleek cylindrical design provides serious eye candy, but the M2000 is more than just a pretty tube. Its radiant fluorescent, 15-inch display - easily readable from across the room - is the brightest we tested, and the onscreen menu is easy to navigate. Plus, the SoundBridge contains preprogrammed Internet radio stations for listening to tunes even when your computer hits the hay."

Mobile Magazine

May 2005
"... SoundBridge offers a seamless, relatively inexpensive way to play your digitized music all around the house. "

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

May 2005
"The SoundBridge is an excellent product, and a delight to use."

PC Magazine

April 2005
"Roku hubs under the name SoundBridge. All neatly mesh performance, style, and functionality..."

What Hi-Fi? (UK) - Roku's PC Solution Impresses, Too Product Review - Rated 5 of 5 stars

April 2005
"Will do everything you hope for from a network music player in a stylish, simple-to-use box that sounds great...If you're looking to network your home for digital music, take a look at this Roku."


March/April 2005
"Once you're hooked up, the SoundBridge is as easy as pie to navigate."

Inside Mac Radio

March 2005
"Take from me, if you want a wicked cool connected player that will stream music from your music library then Roku's SoundBridge is for you!"

Mac World Online

March 2005
"With a uniquely clean design and built-in iTunes support, a readable display, a simple infrared remote control, and a reasonable price, Roku's SoundBridge M1000 can fit well in your home stereo system."

Laptop Magazine - Editors Choice
Product Review - Rated 4 of 5 stars

March 2005
"The SoundBridge M500 is an elegant product that offers both intelligence and sophistication. Plus, it streams at a higher quality than competing products from Netgear and Creative."

Inside Mac Radio

By Sam Levin
March 5, 2005
The March 5th Inside Mac Radio Program - Digital Image Kings, Roku Labs and the Man behind the Mac
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The Guardian (UK)

By Bobbie Johnson
March 3, 2005
"Roku's Soundbridge has already made a name for itself in the US with its stylish take on a simple concept: streaming music directly from your computer to your hi-fi."

Cnet - Product Review - Rated 8.3 of 10

By John Falcone
February 24, 2005
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Laptop Magazine - Cool Tools: Five More Ways to Make Your Home Network the Best on the Block Best Wireless Music Player: Roku SoundBridge Network Music Player M500

February 2005
"If you're going to invest in a music player, it needs to meet a few basic requirements. First, it needs to support multiple music formats, and the M500 delivers by handling MP3's, protected and unprotected Windows Media files, and iTunes. It should also let you cue up your PC's music on your stereo with ease, which this new, more affordable Roku accomplishes with its large, easy-to-read display and remote control. An included plug-in Wi-Fi CompactFlash card allows the M500 to sync automatically with your home network, while the RCA or digital audio-out jacks provide connectivity to your entertainment system."

PC Magazine - The Role of the Media Center PC

By Jim Louderback
January 24, 2005
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MacWorld Magazine - Product Review - Rated 4 of 5 "Mice"

By Jason Snell
January 2005
"If you want to listen to your digital music in a computer-free location, you should seriously consider a networked music player. With a uniquely clean design and built-in iTunes support, a readable display, a simple infrared remote control, and a reasonable price, Roku's SoundBridge M1000 will fit well into your home stereo system."
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MacHome Magazine - Product Review

By Zack Stern
January 2005
"The SoundBridge is one of the best network music players we have used. Its features aren't perfect, but its rock-solid performance and smooth playback compensate amply."

All the Rage

January 2005
"One of the more buzzed-about players on the market, Roku SoundBridge, allows users to play a wealth of digital music files and many Internet radio stations through one easy-to-read device that will look very cool in your living room."

PC Magazine

January 2005
"Roku's SoundBridge...was a breath of fresh air. The unit doesn't ship with software at all. It works with either Apple's iTunes or open-source software downloaded from the Roku site. It also works with new server software from Microsoft - part of Windows Media Player 10 - which promises real media-adapter/server independence. The software was easy to download and install, and once it was running, the SoundBridge automatically configured itself and recognized the software. All I had to do was approve its connection, and the two were working together swimmingly." - Product Review

January 2005
"The folks at Roku have taken a different approach to music in the wireless home. They've designed a classy-looking module - a foot-long silver and black cylinder with a bright display - that will easily complement the components of a fine living-room music system. And they've dispensed with computer setup altogether. Just connect the Roku to a stereo receiver or powered speakers, fire it up, and wait for it to detect your computer network. There is no CD, no software to install on the computer. Instead, after the Roku makes contact with your computer network, it initializes itself. Setup could not be simpler."
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Wired Magazine - Audio Streamers Product Roundup Editor's Pick - Rated 5 of 5 Stars

December, 2004
"The elegant SoundBridge sports a generous 280x16 pixel, blue fluorescent display. It can access music on computers running either iTunes or the open source SlimServer software, and it comes with high-end digital outputs (analog, too). We especially like the Fast Browse feature for finding tracks in huge libraries."

Business Week - Best of 2004

December 2004
"SoundBridge is an elegant way to get digital music stored on a PC or Mac to play on your stereo."
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Design Technica - SoundBridge M2000 Product Review - Rated 8 of 10 Stars

By Ian Bell
December 14, 2004
"The Roku SoundBridge is the best looking networked media player we have seen to-date. It is incredibly easy to setup and is compatible with a large number of music services and server software."
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Audio Ideas Guide - Roku SoundBridge M2000 Network Music Player

By Aaron Marshall
November 30, 2004
"Like many, I've fallen hard for that kind of random, instant access to my CD collection, and the Roku is the first product to elegantly wed that kind of functionality with a great interface and audiophile grade sound. At US $499, especially with that seductively cool display, it's very good value too. Yes, you also need a computer and home network, but there's a good chance (if you've read this far) you've already got those things anyway. Their M1000 for only $249, identical save for the size of the display, is a steal. I had been thinking of getting an Airport Express for some time, but Roku has managed to out-design Apple on this one, which is no mean feat, and the SoundBridge is staying right where it is on my audio rack."

Toms Hardware - Product Review: SoundBridge Network Music Player (M1000)

By Jim Buzzbee
November 29, 2004
"Installation of the box was a breeze... with zero configuration, I had instant access to thousands of my mp3's. This is the way that home network appliances should work! It literally couldn't have been any easier. A few intuitive menu selections later, and I was listening to a classic Eagles song." - Review: Roku SoundBridge with Windows Media Connect

November 23, 2004
"The Roku SoundBridge is definitely an eye catcher. Now with the SoundBridge software version 2.0 the music streamer is Microsoft certified with the MS PlaysForSure Label. So no matter if you are an iTunes user or Windows Media Player user the Roku SoundBridge works for you."
Read the full article > - Product Review: Roku SoundBridge M2000 Network Music Player

By Lyle Kimms
November 22, 2004
"Sound Quality: Excellent. I ran subjective "ear" listening tests, toggling between AIFF formatted songs played through SoundBridge/iTunes and the same played directly from iTunes. Sounds from these two sources were indistinguishable to my ears. I know that this is subjective, but the audio output specification appears to support my conclusion that the SoundBridge is a capable hi-fi component."
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Tom's Hardware Guide, Holiday Buyer's Guide 2004 - Roku's Rock'n Roll SoundBridge

By Humphrey Cheung
November 15, 2004
"So you have 50 Gigs of MP3s on your computer - how are you going to stream them to your mega speaker system in the living room? Roku has the answer with their Soundbridge M2000. Simply plug the speakers into the device, and listen to music while you leave your PC in another room."

PC World - SoundBridge: Music Streaming Done (Mostly) Right

By Harry McCracken
September 24, 2004
"The niftiest thing about both SoundBridges-and something that sets them apart from most of the countless music streamers on the market--is how they talk to a computer. Rather than making you install proprietary software, they're simply clients for Apple's free ITunes-a software product which sensible digital music lovers already have and use. Which means that setting up the SoundBridge is remarkably easy (it took me about five minutes), and ITunes music and playlists are instantly available via the SoundBridge's nicely-designed remote control."
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The Washington Post - It Takes Time to Judge the True Impact of New Technology

By Rob Pegoraro
September 5, 2004
"I've found a third media receiver I like -- Roku's SoundBridge M1000 ($250), which provides iTunes users one of the simplest setups of all. This slim cylinder instantly found my wireless network and two computers' iTunes libraries without my needing to install any software -- it relies on iTunes' existing music-sharing feature." - Roku SoundBridge

by Rob Wyatt
August 25, 2004
"This afternoon, following several months of not-so-patiently waiting, my Roku SoundBridge arrived. I had very high hopes for this little piece of hardware and, in a word, wow! This thing is incredible. Roku has created the first "must have" Digital Lifestyle Device since the iPod. With the SoundBridge, Roku has set a very high bar for anyone trying to integrate the computer with the home stereo system."
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