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Listen to 1000's of FREE Internet radio stations from around the world - one-touch access to talk, jazz, rock, pop or your old home town favorite! You do not need a computer to listen to internet radio; you just need broadband and a Wi-Fi home network.
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  • Radio Roku integration - Browse the most reliable directory of internet radio stations directly from your SoundBridge, or use the website to manage your SoundBridge.
  • Internet Radio - Listen to thousands of free music and talk Internet radio stations from around the world without even turning the computer on; and save up to 18 of your favorite stations as presets for easy recall.
  • Music Anywhere - Connects to your stereo or powered speakers to play your favorite digital music in any room of the house via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi home network.

  • Most Compatible Player - Plays directly from iTunes* and Windows Media Player. Compatible with Rhapsody and all PlaysForSure music services such as Napster, Musicmatch, MSN Music, and more.
  • All Popular Formats - Supports a wide range of music formats including WMA, AAC*, ALAC, WAV, MP3 and AIFF.
  • Roku Radio Snooper - Easily discover the streaming url of most Internet radio stations, determine their compatibility with SoundBridge Radio and make them into presets with the click of a button.
  • Large Display/Convenient Remote - Browse, select and control your music from across the room using the large, bright SoundBridge display and custom remote control.
  • Fast Browse - Quickly browse huge music collections by Song, Album, Artist, Genre or Composer using patented features of SoundBridge's large display, fast processor and custom remote.
  • Control Playback from Your Computer - Use an easy web interface for starting, stopping and skipping between songs, and customizing your favorite Internet radio streams.
  • Music Visualizers - Choose from four music visualizers that keep time with the music.
  • Award-Winning Design - Enjoy the look of SoundBridge's sleek industrial design in any room of the house.
  • Wall and Shelf mounting kit - Showcase your stylish SoundBridge either on the wall or under a shelf or cabinet (optional accessory).
  • Future-Ready - The SoundBridge has a superfast 400MHZ Blackfin® microprocessor and lots of memory, giving it more than enough headroom to handle powerful future software updates. This high performance also makes possible our simultaneous real-time visualizers, music decode and UI browsing.
  • Coax and Optical Digital Audio Outputs - SoundBridge offers both Coax and Optical SPDIF digital out for connecting to your stereo sound system or powered speakers.
  • Expandable - Connect up to ten SoundBridge units to one computer running Windows® Media Connect (or five running iTunes®); each user can select different music to play.
  • *Please note: Protected AAC files purchased on the iTunes Music Store cannot be played. SoundBridge is compatible with iTunes 7.1 and earlier. SoundBridge software version 2.7 or later required for iTunes 7.x.