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Developer Resources

Below are the resources we offer for the SoundBridge. For discussion of these resources, visit the SoundBridge Integration and Control forum.

Roku Control Protocol for the SoundBridge
The Roku Control Protocol is a TCP/IP-based command suite that allows full control of the SoundBridge from a remote computer or device. Commands are included for choosing and connecting to music servers, browsing and searching of libraries, creation and modification of Song Queues, transport controls and more. This document explains how custom installers, developers, and technical users can use the Roku Control Protocol features to accomplish this. Requires SoundBridge software 2.3 or later.
View or print the PDF (202 pages, 1.55MB)

SoundBridge Localization Instructions
The SoundBridge supports a user-editable localization file. With this, you can add a new language to the SoundBridge or modify the existing languages. This requires SoundBridge software version 2.3 or later.
View or print the PDF (7 pages, 175 KB)

Roku IR Specifications
Several developers have asked for detailed documentation of the IR Remote control specification of PhotoBridge HD and SoundBridge.

Pronto CCF
For those users with a Philips Pronto remote control, we have created a CCF file for controlling SoundBridge. This CCF contains commands not available on the remote control that ships with the SoundBridge.