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3rd Party

Third Party Resources and Applications
For The Roku SoundBridge
The Roku SoundBridge is compatible with the UPnP A/V protocol as well as Roku's own Roku Control Protocol (RCP). The following pieces of software use these protocols to extend and improve the already-great SoundBridge.

For most customers, we recommend iTunes or Windows Media Connect as a server. However some users require specific capabilities in their server software. There are servers available that have some interesting features that may be of interest to our customers.
Roku has sponsored the Open Source Firefly server (formerly mt-daapd) as a way to provide our customers a new, highly-capable server for the Roku SoundBridge products. Firefly supports a large number of audio formats and runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
The TVersity Media Server is a UPnP server that in addition to the usual UPnP server features of browsing and playing music, has an extensive Internet Radio directory and includes the ability to transcode formats that the SoundBridge does not yet support into formats that the SoundBridge can play. This is a potential solution for customer that wish to playback RealAudio-based Internet radio. TVersity supports many new devices including the Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nokia N800, DirectTV HR20 and many more.
The On2Share Media Server is a UPnP server that in addition to the usual UPnP server features of browsing and playing music, allows you to broadcast music to the SoundBridge by selecting it in Windows Media Player. In order to broadcast music, you will need to have the Windows Media Player On2Share plugin enabled and enable On2Share Media Server to broadcast.

Control Applications
A Linux-using SoundBridge owner has developed the Open-Source Groku, a "Gnome Application for controlling your Roku Soundbridge device. Groku can control many aspects of your Roku Soundbridge over a network connection."
Control your SoundBridges from a Windows XP/Vista PC or use VisualMR with a Windows Mobile PocketPC as a wireless SoundBridge remote. Features easy setup, cover art display and a skinnable, user-friendly interface.
SoundBridge Controller
Through the use of this program, your SoundBridge will be integrated into the Windows control panel. Control and browsing of all SoundBridges on the local network is also offered.
This Windows program allows you to fully control your SoundBridge from your computer.
A Java-based, cross-platform UPnP controller that can be used to control your SoundBridge from any Java-enabled device on your network. It also features some basic music-syncronization features.
Pocket PC-based Rudeo is allows you to control UPnP-based media players (like the SoundBridge) from the comfort of your Pocket PC.
RokuSeer - HomeSeer SoundBridge Plug-In
This plug-in allows Roku SoundBridge Network Music Players to be used to control HomeSeer devices and trigger HomeSeer events. It also allows SoundBridges to be controlled from HomeSeer using custom event actions or directly from the HomeSeer web interface.
Other Applications
SoundBridge Language Translations
Your SoundBridge product comes from the factory with localizations in many common languages. However, it is also possible to add a localization for a language not included in the default set. Thanks to the generosity of SoundBridge customers worldwide, we're able to offer additional language localizations below.
To use a localization, use your web browser to download the linked file (right click on the link below and select Save As...) to your computer in a convenient location. Next, open your SoundBridge's built-in web page (see the User's Guide for details if you're not familiar with how to do this). Go to the Configuration tab, and look at the Language section. Click the "Browse" button, and select the file you just downloaded. Once selected, you should see the path to the file appear next to the Browse button. Click the Update button to send this new language to your SoundBridge. Once the file has been sent, you may choose your new language from the "Select Language" menu, just above the Browse button.
NOTE: Whenever you update a language resource file, it replaces any file you had previously uploaded. It is possible to add more than one language beyond the SoundBridge's default set, but all new languages must be in the same language file.
If you ever want to restore your SoundBridge's language configuration to the factory condition, just return to the Configuration tab, and click the "Revert" button.
Danish Language File (Thanks to Roku customers Gert R., Kasper A., Klaus E., and Ricky J. for this translation.)
Finnish Language File (Thanks to Roku customers Arto T. and Jukka L. for this translation.)
Norwegian Language File (Thanks to Roku customer Oddne R. for this translation.)
Russian Language File (Thanks to Roku customer DmKur for this translation.)
Users can create new translations for the SoundBridge user interface. If you would like to do a translation for an other-than-built-in language, please see the instructions on our developer resources page.
Want To Develop Your Own Control Programs for the SoundBridge?
See our Developers page for information on the Roku Control Protocol that can be used to integrate SoundBridge control into your own application. You may also want to visit our forums and discuss your project with other developers and users.